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Spring Cleanse and Health Coaching

Health Coaching- Spring Cleanse Package

Folks, not only am I, Chef Sue Clair, the Healthy Gourmet a Personal Chef, I am an educator at a college level teaching Nutrition to pre-nursing students. I started my education with a 2 year degree in Nutrition. I continued on and received a 4 year degree from Rowan University and a Masters in Education. I also have a certification from The Integrative School of Nutrition in NYC using alternative therapies (CAMM) and provide health/nutritional coaching for individuals.

I am passionate about the power of using a plant based diet to heal the human body and turn around many of the illnesses of contemporary society.

Spring Cleanse Package

This is a 6 week package that provides 6 sessions of motivating education and ideas for detoxifying your bladder, kidneys and liver. The winter months include a lot more protein rich meals with longer cooking techniques and higher calorie intake. It’s time to move towards warmer weather around the corner and ease your body into the changing season.

Session 1

Getting to know you

Lecture and Discussion on Digestion and the Excretory System (Face Time or Skype)

Complimentary Recipes for Green Drinks perfect for spring

Session 2

Pantry Sweep(In your home)

This is designed to rid your pantry of excess high calorie, high sodium, highly processed and sugar laden packaged food items.

Session 3 (Meet at your local Whole Foods or regular shopping venue)

This is designed to educate you on shopping for your pantry and staple food items to compliment your health interests and needs according to the changing seasons and the basics of a more plant-based diet.

Session 4

Lecture/Discussion-A Healthy Body Weight (Face Time or Skype)

Session 5

Exercise, Hydration and Sleep (Face Time or Skype)

Session 6

Food Demonstration (In clients home)

The use of leafy green vegetables for healthy oxygenated and rich red blood cells

Discussion of clients choosing

Inquire about pricing through the website

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