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Personalized Services

" Its been wonderful having food available without having to cook" (proud new dad Cameron)  
Since 2006, Chef Sue Clair's niche market offers affordable meals to busy professionals & growing families who have specific dietary needs. 
Chef Sue Clair's expertise in nutrition and meal planning will provide you with well-rounded meals of your choice that will meet your dietary goals, budget and time.
Due to these variations, each client will have different requirements and may have specific ingredients to meet their needs. Feel free to contact The Healthy Gourmet for a complimentary consultation to suit your personal or family goals. 
Services include:
Complimentary Consultation
Menu Planning
Grocery shopping on the day of service
Food Storage
Simple heating instructions
What does all of this mean? How exactly does it Work?
Step 1—Initial Consultation and Meal Selection
Chef Sue Clair will discuss what “you” like to eat and determine the frequency of service. Next, Chef Sue Clair will plan your menus. “Your” menus will be emailed to you for approval before your first cook date.
 Step 2—Preparation of meals
On your chosen cook date, all of your groceries will be purchased and your meals will be prepared to your specifications.
Step 3—Packaging
Your food will be packaged and labeled for your refrigerator or freezer, ready with specific heating instructions. 

On a weekly or Bi-weekly basis The Healthy Gourmet can accommodate a custom planned menu arrangement.  The pricing for this service varies according to a customized menu plan,  special requests, and grocery costs.

  • Each Entrée provides 4 portions including a starch and vegetable.(The Healthy Gourmet's most popular meal service consists of (3) Entrees @ $285. (NIC groceries)

  • Salad (add on cost $45) 

  • Soup (add on cost $45) 

  • Dessert (add on cost $45)


Special Requests — Shopping for all organic produce and special dietary needs are included in a customized menu plan. (South Beach, E Diet’s, American Heart Association, Diabetic, Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Low Cal., Low Carb., and Low Fat, Low Salt)


Chef Sue Clair is fully licensed, insured and certified in food handling. 

Gift Certificates Available *restrictions apply

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