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Sourcing Dietary needs utilizing Personal Chef Services

What’s new in the world of Sue Clair’s Personal Chef Business?

As a Personal Chef for the last 12 years my services have changed in many ways. One of the big differences from then till now is that my clientele base has become oriented towards individuals with very specific dietary needs. During the earlier years of my business I catered to more of a “common ground” and the general population.

There are companies like Snap Kitchen and many more that have entered the marketplace. They compete with the idea of someone using a Personal Chef. Yes, the cost is a lot different. As a personal chef, the differences are great! I shop for the freshest ingredients from the most health conscious stores. These meals are prepared, packaged and in my clients refrigerators within the same day.

What is important to note about my business is that when I have a client, that client is my client for the day. I take care of every aspect of my clients needs concerning health issues and dietary preferences, portion size considerations, plus have a nutrition education and background. This places me in a category quite different than simply purchasing prepared meals from specific company’s menus and offerings. I am not a restaurant; I provide a service as a Personal Chef that is a unique blend of culinary deliciousness chock full of health and refinement above and beyond not only company purchased food but other Personal Chef services!

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