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Meet Me

“I bring to you healthy and gourmet meals that nourish your mind, body and spirit!”



While raising my four wonderful children, I used the inspiration of my grandmother’s cooking to create daily mouthwatering, home-cooked meals. During that time, I received a degree in Dietetics, and was the Head Chef at a natural health food restaurant. I attended culinary classes at the Restaurant School in Philadelphia, received a Master’s degree in Education, and began teaching nutrition at the college level.


In 2006, I was inspired to become a personal chef for people with specific dietary needs, and have thoroughly enjoyed bringing my food into peoples lives for over a decade now. It is with pleasure that I simplify the lives of my clients by preparing personalized, healthy, home-cooked meals.


To me, there is nothing better than creating healthy, gourmet meals that save my clients time for their own pursuits. Food is the foundation of life. I cook for health and longevity to nourish your mind, body and spirit!

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