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It's not the big changes but little things you do and consume daily that effects your health.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Hello Friends:

My thoughts for all:

Let’s put Hippocrates’s famous words to good use by “Letting food be thy medicine”:

· DON’T USE FAD diets to ‘lose weight fast’ unless you have been advised to by a healthcare practitioner. They will ruin your health (and gut) in the long run. ...

· Aim for healthy food daily but don’t overly restrict yourself. Extreme’s never work in the long run. Change takes time!

· Drink water! At least 2L per day for optimal health, glowing skin and healthy hair.

· The quality of your nutrition is very important for present and long term change.

· Elimination of food additives, preservatives, colorants, added hormones, antibiotics and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce would be best not chosen for your personal intake on a daily basis.

· It’s not just the calorie’s..It’s the type of calories you are consuming on a daily basis that makes a difference in your overall health.

Quality according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition:

how good or bad something is. : a characteristic or feature that someone or something has : something that can be noticed as a part of a person or thing. : a high level of value or excellence.

I am a personal chef who believes that quality in the nutrition we consume on a daily basis is a fundamental component for offsetting major disease, maintenance of the human body in the present and optimal aging and longevity. The venues I use to purchase my clients food are the best sources society has to offer presently for fresh fruits and veggies, proteins both animal and vegetable, fats and carbohydrates. Organic nutrition which I highly encourage is the bulk of my purchases for clients.

I work with individuals who have many different health issues and who just want to feel better, lose some weight and have more energy!

I welcome you to visit my site, ask questions and enjoy a healthier lifestyle using quality of nutrition in your exploration towards better health.

Sue Clair/Personal Chef


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