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Super Foods and Spring Cleaning for your Body

Here are some ideas for resetting and refreshing your body to embrace the warmer seasonal changes.

Rebooting your body for spring can help to rev up your metabolism, restore energy levels and help to cleanse your gut for a happier healthy you!

These are some helpful tips to move into the warmer seasons feeling invigorated, lighter, and delighted that Spring has sprung:

1-Leafy green vegetables are nutritional powerhouses such as kale, spinach, dandelion greens, arugula even romaine lettuce that can remove toxins and waste from the body.

2-Garlic is great for the liver and helps as an antimicrobial agent warding off parasites, viruses, and excess bacteria from forming in the body.

3-Fennel is terrific for decreasing bloating and the heaviness of richer fattier heavier foods that we have enjoyed so much over the winter months.

4-Ground Flaxseeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, excellent fats for fighting against inflammation. These plant-based omega 3’s contain both insoluble and soluble fibers that help to lower cholesterol and keep the bowels in motion doing its job properly.

5-Brussel Sprouts and the Cruciferous family of vegetables (Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower) are fantastic high fiber nutrition to clean out the gut of toxins and waste. Brussel sprouts contain sulfur compounds that can reduce inflammation and help to inhibit carcinogens from forming in the body.

6-Barley a whole cereal grain can be noted for reducing blood sugar levels and reducing appetite.

7-Asparagus fights inflammation and contains glutathione which is a compound that binds to dangerous toxins helping your body to rid itself of this characteristic. Spring is asparagus’ natural growing season and the most compatible time for consuming this vegetable.

8-Beets contain many antioxidants (protectors of our cells) that help to clean and detoxify waste in the liver. Beets are also high in vitamin C and fiber acting as a great source to cleanse the digestive tract.

9-Pomegranite is a super fruit promoting digestive health and boosting satiety, satisfaction from the food we eat so that we don’t feel the need to overindulge.

10-Bell Peppers little did you know might have a metabolism boosting factor! The red type may boost thermogenesis, the metabolic process in which our body produces heat to burn calories. This is a published study coming out of the journal of Physiology and Behavior.

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