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Changing Clients Lives

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Taking away the major stress of menu planning, shopping, cooking and considering individual health needs is quite a major task. These tasks become the responsibility of any personal chef you hire. Finding the right personal chef for "you" is a leap of faith. Communication concerning tastes, likes, health needs and all the variables of what "you" don't like play into the drama of having someone prepare your meals on a daily basis.

Chef SueClair has been in the game taking care of clients needs since 2006. That is a good amount of time to hang in this business! I pride myself on the fact that I have developed a nitche market cooking for individuals who have health interests and needs and are just too busy to cook for themselves. My backround is pretty diverse in the culinmary area and also

in the health and dietetics field. I teach nutrition part time at a college level. I'm trained as a health coach and an educator of nutrition.

My clients come to really appreciate what it means to take menu planning off their shoulders giving them variety, customization and delicious meals weekly, bi-monthy and monthly.

A personal chef can be a godsend for those with very busy lives who must consider health issues, quality and quantity and everything that revolves around the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

I prepare meals that cover vegan plant based organic choices in my meal planning to Surf and Turf using grass fed tenderloin and other protein options. Seafood is wild and local if possible and desired. Using the best options available in purchasing nutritious food is one of my basic goals for clients.

When the stress of all these choices is placed into my hands I take every single detail and need very seriously. THIS DOESNT NECESSARILY COME CHEAP BUT CLIENTS LOSE WEIGHT, BRING BACK STABILITY AND HEALTH AND BALANCE TO THEIR LIVES. This is the value of my services and my business as a personal chef.

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