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In business and going strong!

The summer of 2020 and now going into the fall with pleasure!

How has the pandemic of 2020 effected my personal chef services?

I can speak for myself and tell you it’s been challenging but I’ve never stopped activities and have been going strong! Everyone needs food! The beginning of the pandemic was difficult! I was standing in lines for an hour shopping for ingredients for clients customized to each and every client’s individual needs. With mask and gloves I would wait and shop and do what it took to accomplish the task.

It is now September and the lines are not as long but state by state life is different for us all. I am not going into clients homes. I am delivering their meals and other requests. I am getting calls for in home chef services but I am not servicing clients in this traditional standard. Client services are all customized to specific health interests and other needs but delivered with gloves and mask on specified date of service. I will not be going back to chef services in client’s homes. Times have changed!

I look forward to your calls, those of you out there who have adapted to the new normal! If you are a busy professional with no time for the laborious task of shopping, cooking, cleaning up meal prep and planning, for healthy delicious meals, I am your chef!

Call Chef Sue Clair


Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

Wear your masks and we will all weather this storm!

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